So, behind this amazing, informative, and totally free blog is a gigantic, data-mining, text-parsing, cookie-munching, globe-spanning, Wall Street-stomping corporation that spans time zones and is above petty, old-fashioned nation state regulatory agencies, yet is still totally trustworthy and completely above board on everything it does with your data.

Just kidding.

Behind this blog is me, Jeff Wilson. I'm just a dude in Southern California. I think it's important to mention that. Why?

Because it's something I fret over before I visit just about any website, participate in any survey, click any link, or query any term. Like my professors in college taught me way back in the dark ages of the 1990s, it is of paramount importance to consider the author, the author's intensions and the audience of any media one consumes, past, present, or future.

So, with that in mind, you should know the facts below:

  1. I pay 100% of the costs for this blog out of my own pocket, not because I expect to extract rents/profit from it, but because I am passionate about technology practice at work, at home, and on the go
  2. There are no ads on this blog because 1) I don't want them 2) they'd probably offend my design sensibilities and play rough with pagination, and 3) I don't require compensation for the time, effort & money I put into this blog.
  3. There are no counters, trackers, or meters that 1) I've installed, and 2) tell me how many people actually see it. Understand that I'm conflicted about this as I'd love to know about my readers, but at this time, I've not made any effort to track my visitors.
  4. The blog runs on the Ghost platform, which is Open Source and hosted on GitHub
  5. The blog is secured by a GoDaddy TLS certificate I purchased with my own money (USD$165). The certificate is Domain-Validated, which makes my certificate about 100% more meaningful (from an identity standpoint) than a free Let's Encrypt certificate, and about 60% less valuable than an Extended Validation Certificate, which I can't afford. My certificate expires in 2018 and comes to your browser by way of me practicing with OpenSSL and Ivan Ristic's book. You can review the settings I've chose to encrypt/validate the tunnel from your computer to my server here.
  6. This blog is using font packages that are tied to Alphabet, or Google. The font you're seeing is tied to a Google FQDN, and as such, the API periodically sends 'pings' back to the Alphabet mothership.
  7. Ghost uses Node.JS, Nginx, and, in my config, OpenSSL. You should read about those systems and their origin if you really care about your privacy
  8. The server hosting Ghost runs on Ubuntu, an Open Source Linux distribution.
  9. I pay Digital Ocean, a dev-friendly IaaS hosting company, to host my Ubuntu VPS using OpenStack on hardware I've never seen or interacted with in datacenters I've never visited
  10. I pay certain registrars & Microsoft to host everything else: I own several domain names registered through a couple of different Registrars. All my domain DNS records, email services and personal files are hosted by Microsoft as part of an Office 365 E4 and Azure subscription
  11. I am not compensated monetarily by anyone for the posts I write here, but I have in the past, and will consider in the future, writing content about vendor products I see at sponsored conferences, shows and Tech Field Day
  12. I make a living practicing Information Technology in small to medium enterprise environments. Aside from that, I occasionally sell things on eBay. My wife works in education.
  13. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent those of any employer, past, present or future
  14. I don't sell, remarket, pass-on, or share details or data about visitors to this website